Danish 3-Ply Weaving

Danish 3-Ply Weaving

Danish 3-Ply weaving is the ultimate in “recyclable” upholstery. The cord is actually made up of tightly wound paper, and the 3-ply is a reference to the three braids of the final product. The seat, and in some cases the backs, of furniture are then woven with this cord, making for an unusually comfortable seat and back.

The weave usually lasts anywhere from 20 years to a life time, but as with all things that are recyclable, is susceptible to UV rays mostly, which breaks down the tight weave and eventually causes fraying and the need to re-weave the piece. It should be noted that water will not affect this, however it can be stained with alcohol or anything with a very “thin” viscosity.

The teak used for the frame, is a harvested wood and is extremely hard and oily, which is the reason that it was used for deck chairs on luxury ocean liners. It will last, nearly, forever.

The gallery below demonstrates the starting condition of this particular item and the final finished product.

Seaghan — Upholsterer