of Seaghan

of Seaghan

A self taught artist, I’ve always loved building, drawing, writing, creating, crafting… doing anything done by hand. Some I’ve learned by reading and then doing… some I’ve learned by experiment… and all I’ve been my own worst critic.

We live in a world that increasingly likes to “pigeon-hole” not just people, but knowledge, and refer to people as “resources,” nothing could be further from the truth. People are individuals that are not interchangeable, all with different traits, beliefs and characteristics. If people were resources, then all art would be identical, so maybe it’s the fault of the society we live in… the powers so far removed from any form of hand’s on creativity that they feel a need to systematize everyone.

I have never stopped learning, and never will. There is so much to learn, and it’s all interesting and the more I understand, the more I start to realize that so many disciplines intersect as James Burke’s demonstrates in his 1978 series, Connections, and yet, there’s still more to learn.

In a 1950 novel by Canadian A.E. Van Vogt, The Voyage of the Space Beagle he examines the splitting of the sciences into specialists to the point that no science has a grasp of the “big picture” and so the whole method of discovery collapses. As a solution he introduced a Nexialist… a scientist trained in all the sciences, and that character would go on to be the foundation for another famous Nexialist, renamed to a Science Officer in the Star Trek universe.

But I digress… my interest in science fiction and fantasy both serve to fuel my imagination and artwork however science fact has had just as big an influence on me. Watching the moon landing in 1967, I was convinced that we’d have a colony on the moon by now and was so disappointed when the Apollo missions were cancelled in the 70’s. The artwork of Chesley Bonestell were highly inspirational to me, as have the usual Frazetta, Vallejo, Belle and a ton of others. But what really drove me to create art, in whatever medium, were the images in my mind that I created from reading.

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